How O-Ring Substitutions Simplify OEM Valve Choices

A simple O-ring substitution can make all the difference in increasing the value output of your applications. The right valve will have the flexibility to meet specific flow patterns, design constraints and material qualifications, overall, accomplishing more than simply satisfying your project’s needs.

The Consequences of Valve Material Composition

OEM’s working on projects that involve certain chemicals must be cautious with valve selections. While a certain product might qualify in terms of functionality, the actual material composition of the O-ring or materials of construction often falls short of compatibility restrictions, which can lead to premature durability problems. A few examples of applications that risk frequent valve maintenance include those dealing with:

  • Alkalis and Chlorine
  • Pharmaceutical
  • Paint and Harsh Fluids
  • Pulp and Paper
  • Inks

These materials tend to cause wear and tear to the valves that fall short of the project’s life cycle, resulting in added downtime. To make matters worse, normal replacements of the O-ring may not be an option depending on the valve’s design. In many cases, the application requires a complete un-plumbing of the entire system to replace the valve assembly. This, no doubt, will incur further added downtime and unnecessary costs.

Reduce the Need for Valve System Replacement 

The key to limiting the frequency of displaced valves lies simply in selecting the correct materials of construction without limitations. Select the most chemically compatible material for the specific application, one that targets your performance criteria. With the right matter, even the most basic designs will result in longer, more dependable performance. EVSCO’s line of valves, custom availability upon request, keeps designs simple to save customer costs while maintaining the quality and strength of the more important facet, the strength of the O-ring’s composition.

When the Time Comes, Make O-Ring Replacements Easy

Even with the best choice for compatibility including, well-suited O-rings, eventual valve replacements are still inevitable. EVSCO designs their Elliptical valves for quick and easy in-line servicing to make replacements simple and efficient. These valve systems are ideal for Original Equipment Manufacturers that handle harsh materials or designs with multiple flow patterns (

When replacing EVSCO O-Rings, the following 5 steps take only minutes and will get applications rerunning in a manner of minutes:

  1. Pull the handle.
  2. Push the piston out of the body.
  3. Replace the O-Ring.
  4. Push the piston back in the valve body.
  5. Replace the handle.

A simple product with a simple reinstallation process often equates to the most reliable cost effective results. By choosing a durable valve with hassle-free reinstallation capabilities, your engineers save time, reassembly routines and unwanted additional costs.

Check your O-Ring’s chemical compatibility now using the following link from Cole-Parmer:

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