Five Points to Consider Before Replacing or Specifying Ball Valves

Before replacing existing ball valves or developing a new design consider these five often overlooked and misunderstood criteria. These points will help you make the most informed decision by considering a wider array of options including the latest available technology.

  1. Performance
    Look for valves with "Full Flow" capability. This feature is essential to scale the appropriate valves for optimal flow. You’ll also benefit from the lighter weight, the ability to adapt actuation and no particle hang-up.

  2. Customization
    The ability to customize your valve is important because customization allows you to design lighter, more compact valve packages that can be mounted where they will be less susceptible to external damage. With customization you can have exactly what you want instead of settling for what is available (and potentially paying for features you won’t use). Look into companies such as Evsco for customizable valves as a means of addressing your existing constraints.

  3. Design
    Take advantage of the latest advancements in design. Many are unique and worth investigating such as the Multi Stack Valve System. The Multi Stack Valve System features a modular design which can be stacked or coupled in any 90 degree orientation with single manual, electric or pneumatic operation for increased versatility and ease of use. Its single actuation provides space savings, cost advantages and are available in most "Flow Solution" configurations.

    Modulating electric actuation is also an option for specific valves, offering positioned intermediate of full open/close. Input signals allow for complete control over the position of the valve. Users can move the valve to the desired set up positions without having to have a handheld control source. Once in position these settings are stored digitally into the microprocessor so there are no trim pots to adjust and allows for control problems such as a blocked valve by shutting down and sending alarm signals to the control room.

  4. Serviceability
    Avoid un-piping your system by only investing in valves that can be removed and replaced quickly In-Line, and completely disassembled for easy cleaning.  This is no longer a nice to have feature, but a necessity when selecting a valve.

    Only evaluate valve systems that arrive fully assembled and tested, and ready to run by sampling mounting the package on the machine, connecting and bleeding it.

  5. Durability
    Evsco valves are ideal for liquid, gas and vacuum applications. Use them for corrosive and aggressive fluids as well as inks, medical, pharmaceutical, pulp and paper applications to name a few. For long lasting durability and rust-resistance insist on Polypropylene or PVDF. All wetted components on Evsco, for example, use FDA grade materials of construction and use Viton® O-rings as a standard. However, you can substitute O-rings to suit.

    Stack valve systems are available, proven, and can be an optimal cost saving ball valve replacement for you.